Thursday, August 14, 2008

Navy Relieves Air Recon Squadron Commander.

Navy relieves CDR Shawn Bentley, the commander of an air recon squadron.

SAN DIEGO, CA. (12 Aug) - CDR Shawn Bentley, the commander of a Navy air reconnaissance squadron that provides the President of the United States with the airborne ability to command the nation's nuclear weapons was relieved of duty Tuesday, 12 12 August.

CDR Shawn Bentley was relieved of duty for loss of confidence in his ability to command, only three months after taking the job. No details concerning what may have lead to the loss of confidence were revealed.

CAPT Brian Costello, commander of the Navy's Strategic Communications Wing One, removed CDR Bentley from command.

CDR Bentley, who is based with the squadron at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma, was removed after an investigation by the Navy's Inspector General. The Navy did not release any details about the investigation or about any possible allegations against Bentley.

A confidential source close to the investigation said that Bentley's removal regarded an undisclosed personal matter and was not related to the squadron's missions or duties. The source spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the matter.

There was no telephone listing for Shawn Bentley in Oklahoma City, and the Navy has not make Bentley available for comment.

The primary duty of the squadron, nicknamed the "Ironman," is to provide communication with ballistic missile submarines.

It is also one of three squadrons that provides airborne communications for the president and defense secretary to command and control the nation's nuclear submarines, bombers and missile silos, according to the Wing's official Web site.

CDR Erik Johnson, who previously served as the commanding officer of the VQ-3, has resumed command of the squadron.

Bentley has been temporarily assigned to a staff job with the Strategic Communications wing, Brown said.

Bentley's removal is the latest in a series of high-profile firings by the Navy.

Last month, the Navy relieved the commander of the USS Pearl Harbor of duty after the ship ran aground in the Persian Gulf. That was followed days later by the announcement the Navy fired its commanding officer and executive officer of the USS George Washington after a fire onboard the nuclear-powered aircraft caused $70 million in damage.

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