Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blame The Victim.

Darren Jacksch, center, a retired Coast Guard veteran was sentenced to 20 years in prison Tuesday, 29 April 2008, after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting a 12-year-old boy at a church camp in the spring of 2007. He later paid the victim $300 to keep him from reporting the crime.

Jacksch, 42, was also convicted for sexually abusing a 10-year-old child in his home in 2004, while on active duty in the Coast Guard.

Court records show Jacksch was employed at the Ketchikan Charter School at the time of his December 2007 arrest.

Superior Court Judge Philip Pallenberg suspended 12 years of Jacksch's sentence and ordered the 42-year-old to serve eight years in prison beginning 29 April. He entered Lemon Creek Correctional Center on 30 April.

Jacksch is the second career military man in two years to be convicted of sexually abusing children in Juneau. CMDR Robert Schetky was sentenced to four years for attempted sexual abuse of a 12-year-old. At the time of his crimes, Schetky was the highest-ranking Navy officer in Alaska.

For 10 years after his release, Jacksch must register as a sex offender and not have contact with anyone under 18 without written approval. Pallenberg said pedophiles have a high recidivism rate and that Jacksch "posed a risk to minors."

"I'm truly sorry for the events that occurred, its effect on the families, and its effect on the school," Jacksch said. "I can say from my Coast Guard career, I can follow rules. This will not happen again."

Judge Pallenberg said Jacksch showed no serious acceptance of responsibility for his actions. It's difficult to assess whether or not Jacksch gained any insight into the crimes he committed, Pallenberg said. His apology letters were form mail, he said.

"I'm troubled by the fact that he blamed a 12-year-old," Judge Pallenberg said. "You can't blame a 12-year-old."

Jacksch molested his victim the first time at about 8 p.m. on May 27, 2007, as the child lay in a tent at a church camp with nearly a dozen others. After the child returned from a trip to the bathroom, he zipped "his sleeping bag around his face in an attempt to keep the defendant (Jacksch) from touching him again," according to documents filed by Assistant District Attorney David Brower.

"The defendant (Jacksch) again engaged in extensive sexual abuse," Brower said.

"I was raised in the faith, and it's always been the safest place on Earth," the victim's father said.

No documents in court named the church camp, and Brower said he didn't know the name of the camp. Brower said police intended to follow up with the church retreat. There were never any other complaints so officials didn't follow up, Brower said.

Jacksch's wife, Bonnie, said the camp was out the road on private property.

According to court documents, the child's father called Jacksch on May 28 to say he heard "very disturbing things." Troopers were listening when Jacksch told the father he "would probably not understand."

"He grabbed my hand," Jacksch said. "It was comforting."

The child's father said his son would never start a sexual encounter as Jacksch fully described.

"We're into motor sports and 'hoorah stuff,' you know what I'm saying," the father said.

Jacksch confessed to his sexual act in detail and said he was similarly abused as a child, but Jacksch said he enjoyed it.

"And then you paid him off like a prostitute," the father said.

Over the phone, Jacksch admitted to paying the child $300 in hush money, according to court documents.

"From our family's point of view, the kid was trying to extort my dad," Jacksch's 17-year-old son, Elliot, said. "It's a case of he said she said. It's my opinion that he's innocent."

Elliot Jacksch said his father pleaded guilty to skip the heavy financial burden legal expenses would put on his family.

"You tell me, who's going to win in a child molestation case?" Elliot Jacksch asked.

At sentencing, Defense Attorney Loren Stanton argued that Jacksch should receive a lesser sentence, saying his client was a decorated veteran of the Coast Guard who was suicidal and deeply depressed over the issue. Stanton said Jacksch was willing to pay for his victims' counseling.

"His remorse is extensive," Stanton said.

Elliot Jacksch said his father was discharged the Coast Guard in October 2006. If true, Jacksch's first crime occurred while he was serving in the Coast Guard.

Brower said the 2004 Ketchikan molestation of a 10-year-old happened in Jacksch's home. After word got out that Jacksch was arrested on a charge of sexual abuse, the other victim was discovered, he said.

Little information is publicly available about the older crime.

"I know less about that one," Elliot Jacksch said.


ichbinalj said...

montanamissy said: This story is disturbing and disgusting. Jacksch is so remorseful he blames the victim! He says "I can follow rules. This will not happen again." Well, if he is so good at following rules, then was he not aware of the rule that says you can't have sex with kids??? He is a disgrace to the military and society. His actions speak louder than his words. Make him serve every day of his sentence.

ichbinalj said...

astrovirg said: How funny that his family is blaming the child and accusing him of extortion. They need a reality check and to accept the fact that Mr Jacksch was 'supposed" to be a responsible adult. No adult in their right mind would ever have sexual contact with a child. And the fact that he had done this previously only emphasizes that fact. Or do they really think the other child from Ketchikan would be lying to? What I find very sickening is how the defendant states that he enjoyed it, and doesn't have any remorse for doing so. Just because a child feels helpless and doesn't fight back because of the FEAR & TERROR they feel, it does not make it okay. What a sick individual to think so. I was molested repeatedly as a very young child. IN fact, from 1 1/2 yo to 5 yo. Does it make it okay because I couldn't fight back? NO! I know that his sentence would not be enough if he ever touched any of my kids.

Oh, and here's one for anybody who gets the idea to right a post about how he was once a victim himself. Each and every person has the ability to make their own choices. While some victims become perpetrators themselves, NOT EVERYONE DOES. Those who continue on the cycle of abuse are even more culpable as they arleady know how it feels to be the victim. He needs to take responsibility for his actions.

ichbinalj said...

blcox said: How disgusting that the molester blames the victim. He and his family should be hanging their head in shame! What in the world was he doing working with children with a past history of molestation. He can't be rehabilitated without taking responsibility for his actions. To bad we can't hang him high then it wouldn't happen again! My prayers and thoughts for the victim and his family.

ichbinalj said...

leizle said: Its a sad ordeal especially relying upon and trusting this Man during his CG career. Goes to show just how destructive a momentary lack in judgement can be. People make lots of mistakes and most are recoverable. But beware the wrath of a parent when trust and confidence is broken. Protecting our little ones is what we are all about.

ichbinalj said...

RayeRue said: This is so Disgusting, Sad and Revolting. Rape a child then give the victim money I feel sorry for the victims. That memory will stay with them forever as the preditors enjoy what they have done. How many more victims are there? I have more to say but I can not use that language here. Nor can I say how to punish them as that would not be taken well as......... 8 years is not enough, he made the choice to do what he did, no one was holding him gun point. I was a victim, I never harmed anyone that is just a weak excuse for his actions. Break the cycle, Duh, just because someone hurt you, do's not mean go out to hurt! Read the Bible! This guy isn't even human! Disgusting throw away the Key.