Sunday, March 9, 2008

Female Civilian Receives $490,000.00 In Sexual Discrimination Settlement.

A Female Air Force Employee Will be Paid $490,000 in the Settlement Of a Sexual Discrimination lawsuit.

BEALE AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. – The Air Force has agreed to give a career civilian nearly half a million dollars and a promotion to settle a sexual discrimination suit.

In the lead up to a federal court trial March 11, 2008 the Air Force settled the suit, filed by Beale Air Force Base employee Suzanne Mertes. She was born on the base, has worked there since 1979 and continues to work in a transportation support division.

The settlement does not mean the Air Force admits liability for Mertes’ sexual discrimination claims, said a spokeswoman for Sacramento’s U.S. Attorney’s Office, which represented the Air Force.

Mertes said she was called a “typical blue-collar type,” a bitch, a troublemaker and “not management material,” according to the Appeal-Democrat newspaper in Marysville, Calif. This, among other things, appears to have created a hostile and intimadating environment and made it impossible for her to perform her duties.

She will also be promoted to a supervisor position and receive $490,000. According to Mertes’ suit, she worked in a male-dominated environment that did not condone female supervisors.

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