Saturday, January 26, 2008

Olympic Champion Sentenced to Six Months In jail.

Olympic gold medal champion Marion Jones has been sentenced to 6 months in prison for lying to federal prosecutors investigating the use of performance enhancing drugs in major sports.
She begged the judge not to separate her from her two young children "even for a short period of time".
Jones pleaded to U.S. District Judge Kenneth Karas, "I ask you to be as merciful as a human being cab be". The Judge was not persuaded or sympathetic. He sentenced her to the maximum allowed under the plea-bargain deal. He said he wanted to send a strong message to all athletes who have abused drugs.
The 31 year old Gold Medal Olympic champion was also given 2 years probation and supervised release. She will be required to serve 800 hours community service. She won 3 Gold Medals and 2 Bronze Medals at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. She was required to return them.
Marion Jones will begin serving her prison sentence on 11 March 2008.

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