Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Don’t ask; Don’t tell; and Don’t speak.

Don’t ask; Don’t tell; and Don’t speak.
New Federal Hate Crimes Legislation.
Act Up and Shout Out under the protection of laws.
Last spring, a move to change hate crimes to include special protection for gays, lesbians, and a litany of other groups began to suddenly build steam. The Congress took HR 1592 from subcommittee to law vote in less than three weeks. Many Christians were not aware as the law was being rushed through Congress and passed in early May. Congressional offices refused to talk realistically about the legislations – calling major Christian ministries (Concerned Women for America, Traditional Values Coalition, Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, High Impact Leadership Coalition and a host of other organizations) “alarmists” and “liars.”
Although similar laws are being enforced around the world with a disturbing anti-Christian bias, voters were told they had nothing to fear. Yet, the bias has already begun in America. In Philadelphia (in 2004) an incident occurred during a legally arranged, protest rally at a gay convention. A 75-year old grandmother of three was arrested, jailed, and charged under existing state hate crimes law for attempting to share the gospel of Jesus Christ concerning people who burn with lust for same sex partners..
Ironically, the rally did not result in any gays being hurt, wounded, or even intimidated by their actions. If anything, law enforcement officials were the ones who sent the citizens of their state a clear message – “Gays can protest, intimidate and harass anyone anywhere- but Christians had better not speak.”
First, it was the civil rights movement, then the feminist movement, then the gay liberation movement. Gays used to be called homosexual, but then they decided to pick a positive-sounding name like "gay." Suddenly the meaning of the term "gay" was entirely appropriated by homosexuals. Gays went from being defined by their enemies to defining themselves in a favorable way. First, they came out of the closet. Then they formed lobbying groups and "rights" groups. Then, Affirmative Action for gays. Now, hate crimes laws to keep Christians from quoting the Bible in public. An Annual Parade, complete with Act Up dancers and Shout Out floats. What next, Gay History Month?
ENDA (The Employment Non Discrimination Act)
Despite the efforts of many Christian organizations, Congress passed HR 3685 in late October 2007. In concept, ENDA sounds like a positive step to end discrimination in the workplace. However, this legislation has five problems:
1. ENDA would overturn the historical basis of protected class status by adding “actual or perceived sexual orientation.”
2. ENDA expands civil rights protections on the vague basis of perception.
3. ENDA infringes on the religious liberties of Christian lay people.
4. ENDA puts the integrity of Christian ministries in jeopardy.
5. ENDA is a direct attack on the freedom of religion guaranteed in the First Amendment.
This bill can still be stopped in the Senate if concerned citizens hurry to respond.
Now, what concerned patriots can do to make a difference. Four things come to mind.
1. Join millions of other Christians this Thanksgiving season in praying five minutes a day for our nation.
2. Contact the office of the President and ask him to keep his promise to veto both the Hate Crimes and the ENDA legislation.
3. In the 2008 election, let’s vote for candidates that hold our values in every office – from president, to congressmen, and down to school board members.
4. Finally, keep the faith!
(Excerpted from Henry R. Jackson Jr.)

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